The United Cyprus Hunters Movement launched their parliamentary election campaign with a bit of a twist this weekend, by handing out hundreds of potted basil plants across the Republic.

The hunters, who formed a political party formed in 2018, said the potted plants had a code which could be electronically scanned for the public to read up on the party’s policies.

The party said that basil was chosen as it represents hope and change, while it resonates the scent of Cyprus.

Political campaigns and advertisements have picked up during the past two weeks as parliamentary elections are set for May 31.

Back in November, the hunters joined forces with the Independents Movement, headed by independent MP Anna Theologou.

“After much consideration, we decided that, for our voice to be heard clearly and to move away from the political establishment, siding with the Independents was the best thing to do,” a statement from November read.

“Our environment and hunting activity require sympathetic people, far from the political world we all know. We therefore call on all conscientious and law-abiding hunters to come together in full force so that no decisions can be made for us without us anymore,” the statement concluded.