It’s no secret that art can spark conversations and open discussion. This is what a new exhibition in Nicosia focuses on as it presents a dialogue between artists Spyros Agathos and Antonis Tziarrides. Hosted at Diatopos Contemporary Centre until April 24, the Duologue exhibition aims to connect two vital elements of our being through art pieces – memory and identity.

Agathou focuses on memory with this body of work, the space where emotion is deposited. With his art, he creates a diverse mental field, which is usually differentiated spatially. “Memory is visually rendered as a surface with uneven material deposits,” he says. “It is essentially an internal, private country dominated by emotion and its enduring impact.”

Tziarridis, using classical cold faces from decorative inanimate ceramics, seeks to convey the current feeling of restriction. Through the accumulation of different materials, he creates monumental ‘columns’. In this case, the faces remain beautiful on the outside but lifeless and empty. His pieces are an approach to modern reality where there is a distance between our external image and our internal experiential truth. Faces remain trapped and frozen in the now, awaiting freedom. This waiting game creates memories and experiences determining the evolution of personal identity.

Putting the work of the two artists together creates an experimental dialogue, a duologue, emphasising the timelessness of remembrance and the direct correlation between identity and memory – two of our most valuable assets.


Exhibition with works by Spyros Agathos and Antonis Tziarrides. Until April 24. Diatopos Contemporary Centre, Nicosia. Tuesday-Friday: 5pm-7pm. Saturday: 11am-1pm. Tel: 22-766117