The law office of Republic has instructed police to file sexual harassment charges against a former politician, police spokesman Christos Andreou told CyBC on Friday. He would not identify the individual, but the case is understood to concern a former MEP.

This follows a police investigation after a complaint filed by a 32-year-old woman. The alleged offence was committed abroad in 2014 and news reports indicated that this could pose possible obstacles to legal action.

Andreou told CyBC that police had completed their investigation and sent their findings to the law office of the Republic which, after examining the evidence, instructed police to file charges in court.

“There is enough evidence to take the case to court and charges will be filed in the next few days,” Andreou said.

A special unit at police HQ have been investigating about 20 complaints of sexual harassment involving the world of sports, the arts and the church.

Asked how police investigations were proceeding, Andreou said some cases have gone to court, others are at the law office awaiting study and instructions while 10 are still being investigated.

“The aim is to complete investigations as quickly as possible,” he said.

A police spokesman said earlier this month that of the 20 official complaints, nine are currently under investigation and seven have already been forwarded to different district courts in Cyprus.

The remaining four are being further analysed by the Legal Service and police are awaiting further instructions on how to handle them.

He added that authorities are doing their best to investigate similar reports as quickly as possible.

“Due to the nature of the complaints, we are doing our best to look into them quickly. That is why more members have been recently assigned to the team tasked with dealing with cases of sexual harassment,” he said.