The government is purposefully ignoring the real picture of how the island is faring in the coronavirus pandemic, opposition party Diko said on Sunday.

Accusing the “DISY government” of concealing the true picture on the island because of the upcoming parliamentary elections, Diko said it released international graphs that show “the bad situation to which its mishandling has led an entire society”.

According to the figures Diko released the island is in the ninth worst position in the EU regarding vaccinations and the worst for new cases.

It said the government was audacious and has not managed to formulate a policy in the past year to exit the pandemic.

It also accused the government of failing to get ministries to work together to handle the pandemic and had failed to foresee the needs of the population so it could successfully implement a vaccination programme.

“Once again, the government of deception is ‘arrested’ for attempting to disorient people from reality and its own responsibilities,” Diko said.


An Our World in Data graph showing Cyprus has the most cases in Europe as of April 8