Meat prices other than whole chicken and lamb per kilo are down this Easter, the consumer protection service at the commerce ministry said.

The price survey was carried out on April 27. It shows that today’s prices for the most part, are higher than 2019 but lower than 2020.

Lamb prices are around 8 per cent up on 2019 and come in on average around €6.80kg up from both 2019 and 2020 when the average price was €6.34 per kilo. Prices for lamb can go as high as €10 a kilo according to the survey.

Although chicken prices appear to be lower overall, whole chicken is more expensive this year. It was €2.83 per kilo in 2019, €2.88 last year and €2.98 this Easter.

The price of chicken breast cuts however has fallen between 2019 and this year by around 11 per cent to €6.32 a kilo from €7.04 two years ago and €6.83 per kilo last year.

Beef prices have also dropped. A kilo of mince was €7.20 in 2019 and is €6.97 this year even though last year – an exception – it was slightly lower than it is now at €6.70 per kilo.

Pork meats similarly was lower in 2019 when a kilo of chops cost €4.25, rose to €4.93 in 2020 and have come back down this year to €4.24. According to the survey the lowest price can go as low as €2.95 a kilo and the highest to €6.99.

The survey was carried out among 92 points of sale that included large and small supermarkets and butcher shops.

Other than meat, another big ticket Easter item is flaounes that have seen a significant increase in price. In 2019 they cost €8.42 per kilo, in 2020 €9.03 and this year €9.18.

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