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I tick all the boxes, why am I still waiting for citizenship?

feature theo how many citizenships were approved was not answered

On May 17, 2019, I applied for Cyprus citizenship. I paid 300 euros (not a few millions). I was assured that in no more than 10 months I would have Cypriot citizenship. Obviously, two years later, I don’t.

So far, I have done the following, but to no avail:

  • Made numerous phone calls to Civil Registry and Migration Dept. 22308808 and 22308811. Nobody picked up.
  • Left 23 messages on their answering machine. Nobody replied.
  • Launched a complaint via their (unfriendly) portal. No reply
  • Left a personal message on minister Nicos Nouris’s facebook account. He didn’t bother to reply.
  • Sent an SMS to 1199 and received a reply ‘your application is still under examination’.

One year after my application, they told me ”your application is with the minister for signature”. After one and a half years, they told me “due to covid we are delayed”

A few months earlier, they told me “we are relocating our offices, so we are delayed”.

A few weeks ago, they told me, “your application is with the minister for signature”. What the heck, doesn’t this minister have a pen???

I am a Polish woman, married with a Cypriot and have been living and working here for the last 15 years. I pay my taxes, social insurance, Gesy etc. My case needs no more than 10 minutes to be examined.

In addition to the stress and injustice this is causing me, I am deprived of my right to vote in the upcoming elections.


Name and address supplied

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