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Emak rescue youth trapped in Avakas Gorge (video)

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Members of the fire services emergency response unit (Emak) early on Tuesday rescued a 23-year-old man who was became trapped in the Avakas Gorge.

Fire services spokesman Andreas Kettis posted a video of the rescue on Twitter with the message: “Another rescue of a young person from a 30-metre-deep cliff at Avakas Gorge. Congratulations to our members in Paphos district and also to Emak.”

The fire services said that at around 20.10, they were notified about a young man who had lost his orientation and was trapped on remote rocks at Avakas Gorge. Members of the police and the fire service responded to the call and located the young man. Emak climbers were called in with special gear to bring him back to safety.

The youth, who is from Dherynia, had gone to Avakas Gorge with two friends, the Cyprus News Agency reported. At some point, he strayed away from the others and tried to climb to the top. He managed to clamber on to a huge rock but became trapped.

At 8.00 pm he contacted Paphos Police and a little later, his mobile phone signal was lost. Police and the fire services rushed to the area but were unable to help the young man done so Emak was called in who managed to bring him to safety at around 2.40 am on Tuesday.


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