Smart signs that are part of a wider plan to upgrade the visitor experience in Paphos have been installed at various locations in the district, the tourism board said on Tuesday.

“The first 12 of the new smart signs have been placed at various points of interest across the district as the Paphos regional board of tourism continues its efforts to upgrade the tourism experience and implement actions that contribute to the transformation of Paphos into a smart destination,” it announced.

The head of the tourism board of Paphos, Nasos Hadjigeorgiou, pointed out that the signs, with a QR code, are made of environmentally friendly materials, discreet in size and will be connected, via the internet, to innovative, rich, smart and interactive information.

After first scanning the QR code, the visitor will be able to choose the language of their choice from their own smart device. They will be offered a wide range of information options including a simple description, rich photographic material, audio tour, a video, 360º tour and so on.

The first signs have been placed in Kritou Terra, Arodes, Neo Chorio, Lysos, Gialia-Agia Marina and Pomos.

If in the coming months the results of using these signs are encouraging then the initiative can be extended into other communities, areas and points of interest, Hadjigeorgiou said.