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New book by OUC professor looks at rise of populism

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Affect and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism: Pedagogies for the Renewal of Democratic Education, the new book published by Michalinos Zembylas, Professor of Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies at the Open University of Cyprus, demonstrates how the rise of right-wing populism is grounded in the politics of affect.

The book, published by Cambridge University Press, is an important contribution in understanding the rise of right-wing populism in recent years and its pedagogical implications for democratic education. The author provides examples of how “affect theory” and emotions play a crucial role in the rise of right-wing populism, and suggests ideas and pedagogical approaches about affective pedagogies for educators to use to renew democratic education. Professor Zembylas stresses that educators should move beyond simply criticising populism, and instead use the power of affective experiences and affirmative practices in educational settings.

This volume is a valuable resource for students in the fields of education, and for researchers and policy-makers in education, political science and other related fields, who can utilise the affective complexities involved in combatting right-wing populism to their advantage.

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