Andreas Avgousti, 68, died on Sunday after he was crushed by his car that fell off a 15-metre cliff on the Mandria to Koilani road in the Limassol district.

According to head of the Limassol police traffic unit, Michalis Michael, the accident occurred at around 9 am when Avgousti, under circumstances that are being investigated, lost control of the vehicle that veered off the road and fell off a 15-metre cliff. It seems Avgousti was ejected from the vehicle during the fall. His wife, 69, who was a passenger, was injured.

“From the fall, the 68-year-old, who it seems was not wearing a seat belt, was crushed by the vehicle and died instantly,” Michael told the Cyprus News Agency. He said Avgoustis’ wife was taken to the Limassol general hospital.

The fire service was called in to help free the couple from the car.

Michael stressed that “seatbelts save lives” and urged drivers to follow the traffic code.