The decision on a joint lawsuit, brought by dozens of parents against the state, which challenges the requirement on school children to undergo mandatory tests and face masks is expected shortly.

Lead lawyer Yiannos Georgiades told the Cyprus Mail that by Tuesday at the latest the judge is expected to announce on which date the judgement will be issued.

Georgiades has previously argued that the measures are illegal and unconstitutional.

The parents filed the joint lawsuit against the state challenging the requirement on school children to undergo testing for the coronavirus and having to wear a face mask.

It names the minister of health and the minister of education as the defendants.

It specifically petitions the court to annul the decrees.

The attorney-general’s team had initially asked for the written statements on Monday to be submitted via email, but Georgiades argued that the severity of the case warranted the exchange to happen in court – to then have the opportunity to speak orally to the judge.

“The lawyers from the AG said that they want the opportunity to see whether there are any issues and send extra notes to the judge in response to our written submissions,” he said.

“So the judge is waiting now, to see if they [the AG’s lawyers] do send a note for any further aspects they want to cover.”

The judge said that once that process is completed then an announcement will be made as to when the judgement will be issued.