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TRUiC research announces new AI tools for business support

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Europe and the US are in a tight race to be the most ideal location for new startups. 

The Really Useful Information Company says that it invested in AI-powered tools that will support businesses across the entire spectrum of startup needs. The latest addition to expand on incorporation resources will also target the social web elements of a business. The importance of adding this element is explained below, with some guidance on startups. 

Research suggests that social media and online content have become a key driving force behind the success of any business. Consumers are constantly online, looking for the latest and newest trends, products, and services. Thousands of businesses have a social media channel of some sort nowadays and have quickly become an invaluable source for any startup or small business. But how do you avoid unnecessary mistakes, and allow your social media to generate new leads? We’ve dug a bit, and looked and some of the common social media faux pas that can harm business. 

1. Sell a lifestyle 

As mentioned, consumers are sold the whole day, every day. Nowadays, consumers go to social media for various reasons, and one of them is to find new products and services. Allow creating a social media presence that can sell a lifestyle resonating with your business. Yes, you’re also selling a product or a new service, but strategically planning means that you can sell a lifestyle and product consumers want to be part of. Combine your business with a social presence consumers are looking to quickly add to their following list. 

2. Not being present 

So now you have active social media, with thousands of followers, and you’re posting every day or so. That sounds about right, doesn’t it? Not quite. Being present means you will need to reply to comments and reviews, respond to private messages, complaints, compliments, and mentions. Consumers want to feel that you’re recognizing their effort, while at the same time feeling your business is open to critique, or compliments. Make time to review daily messages and reviews, and ensure to respond professionally.

3. Undermining social media experts

Never underestimate the capabilities of social media experts. Yes, some might not completely fit the part, but those who are willing to help, with well-rounded knowledge can help grow your social media presence. Never wing it! Have a plan and strategy that you can put to use. Social media experts or digital marketers have years of experience and know all the ins and outs of the industry. They can be a valuable resource, so look for a person that resonates with your business, while not charging your thousands to do so. 

4. Ignoring the use of influencers

Social media influencers can make a difference, and it’s been proven. Influencer marketing has grown exponentially, and it’s an industry worth billions. Consumers trust what influencers are selling, and influencers are making big money doing it. Underutilizing influencer marketing is hurting your business. Influencers can add a personalized touch to your brand and business. Allowing others to talk about how wonderful you are will be more foolproof, than you doing it yourself. 

5. Wrong use of keywords 

Nowadays keywords are all that digital marketers are talking about. Using strong tags alone isn’t going to grow your social presence. Understanding keywords, and where to use them can generate more organic leads to your social platforms and website. This goes both ways, as these keywords need to be present on both social platforms and websites. You can always consider making use of a free website builder to help you grow your online presence with a striking and engaging website. 

6. Avoid comparing yourself to other businesses 

You want your business to stand out and remain as unique as possible. Avoid comparing yourself and your business for that matter to larger corporations. Stay true to what you’re selling, and how you’re doing it. Your business should be easily noticeable among competitors. The right use of branding in social posts, language, and posts can separate you from the masses.

7. Be human 

Unfortunately, everything has an algorithm and making use of the right tools can help you generate more leads and follows. But with this, ensure you remain human and personal with your social media interactions. Don’t hide the people behind the brand. Understanding what consumers want is one thing, but it’s how you engage with them online that can make all the difference. 

Make an effort to show consumers that your business isn’t run by a machine, and can be personal, and professional at the same time. Social media is one of the core elements of operating a successful small business, helping you generate more customers and increase yearly revenue.

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