President Nicos Anastasiades on Thursday morning announced that €23.5 million from the government’s Recovery and Resilience Plan would be given to boost the Makarios hospital to cater for everything needed for children including their own A&E.

During a visit to the hospital, the president said Makarios hospital was “one of the model hospitals we have here in Cyprus providing essential care for children and premature infants, with services relating to paediatric oncology and many other specialties,” he said. “It is a hospital that takes care of both mothers and children”.

In addition to €2m that will be given to boost the hospital’s dialysis ward, it will receive €23.5m from the Recovery and Resilience funds so that it can be established fully as a children’s hospital, the president said.

The funds will enable the formation of a proper accidents and emergencies (A&E) department for children, something that does not exist today, as well as the launch of a new child neurology and genetics clinic, he said.

In addition, the hospital’s gynaecology clinic will be renovated along with the existing neonatal intensive care ward for premature babies, with a new ward and endocrinology clinic built.

The upgrades will aim to make the hospital “more welcoming to mothers and children, but also to children that need to be close to their parents,” he added.

“My presence here – along with the creation of Gesy – symbolises the main concern of the state, that is to respond to the needs of our children with upgraded, specialised and high-quality health services,” Anastasiades said.

“I am truly proud of the scientific expertise and work being carried out at Makarios hospital,” he concluded.