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The twin sisters who want to be national football teammates

This one is for all of you kids who have a twin sibling: just how close is your relationship, and could you see yourselves working together professionally?

In this video, we meet 12-year-old twins Gabi and Dani Vidal, who are working hard to become the first identical twins to star on the US Women’s National Team together.

With their parents solidly behind them, and their coach confessing “the sky’s the limit for them”, the duo revel in their seven-day training, which sees them practise between five to six hours daily.

The twins motivate each other, and acknowledge the sacrifices their family is making for their unique journey, but believe, without doubt, that they will achieve their goal. Not to mention, they are very aware that the discipline and commitment they are building now will help them overcome challenges later in life, too.

View the original video here.

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