Sovereign Base Area authorities have taken delivery of four specialised patrol vehicles that will contribute to efforts to tackle illegal migration and smuggling along its boundaries.

The new vehicles take the SBA customs and immigration fleet to 11 and will ensure officers are the given the best equipment available to perform their duties now crossing points have reopened.

The vehicles are equipped with flood lighting systems and high definition long range cameras with a thermal imaging capability to combat illegal activity in remote areas.

Head of SBA Customs and Immigration in Dhekelia Adam Chatfield said the new vehicles were an important addition to his team’s capabilities.

“The additional vehicles are essential in maintaining our boundary patrols with the uplift in resources. The thermal imaging is a fantastic piece of equipment for covering large areas in low visibility,” Chatfield said.

“The vehicles are additional to support our 24/7 patrols and while thermal capability equipment has been used in the past, these vehicles give us the latest technology for our boundary security work.”