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Study skills for kids: helpful exam preparation strategies

Hey kids, in this ‘Study Skills’ series of videos, we’re going to learn, step-by-step, the best approaches to become a studying powerhouse.

The seventh step towards this goal is really nailing exam preparation. Turns out, saving all study until the night before a big exam is not actually very effective. So, here, Crash Course YouTube channel host Thomas Frank covers better test-prep strategies that will help you minimise the stress.

Firstly, he suggests adding test dates directly into your calendar, and then work backward to schedule two-week or three-week study periods ahead of each.

Next, he advises you learn all about the exam’s format – is it take-home, multiple choice, essay-based? There should be no surprises when you sit down to take the test!

After which, you need to be clear about the examination’s conditions – such as the resources you can and cannot have with you, and the time duration allowed to complete the test. Once you know the exam conditions, it’s important you try to study while simulating this environment.

For example, if you will be writing essays within a limited time, try to write practice essays on the relevant subject under the same time limitation. Creating flash cards of potential questions per subject are also a great way of getting your brain to engage, break down and manage the material you will be tested on.

Of course, effective exam prep should also include something a little counter-intuitive, and that is, taking scheduled breaks from studying – something that is often left behind in preparation efforts!

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