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How dumpster divers are battling modern-day waste

In this video, we explore ‘dumpster diving’ activism, and how it is being used to make the case for lowering waste, and embracing sustainable living.

Dumpster divers not only find usable goods, but they also post on social media to bring attention to waste and create change within the retail system. At a time of historic income inequality, food insecurity, and a global pandemic, the retail practice of throwing out usable goods and edible food is unjust and unethical, as well as bad for the environment.

According to ReFed, US retailers generate 10.5 million tonnes of surplus food per year. Of that, only 20 per cent is donated, 30 per cent goes to landfills, and the remaining 44 per cent is composted, used as animal feed, or turned into biogas.

Edible food is often tossed when the product isn’t sold before the ‘use by’ date has passed. But in the US at least, except for baby food, the ‘use by’ date has nothing to do with food safety.

View the original video here.

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