In this video, yogi and mystic Sadhguru challenges social conventions of behaviour – such as using the ‘three magic words’: please, sorry, thank you – that may be completely irrelevant to what is actually appropriate.

“Spiritual process is not a social thing,” says the Isha Foundation head, “it’s something that you do within yourself. Because something within you changed, you may also address the world in a certain way.”

If a buffalo is in the middle of the road, illustrates Sadhguru, you’re not going to speak to it in words wrapped up in pleasantries – the buffalo will simply not grasp your ultimate message, which is that you need it to move out of the way.

Similarly, being bound by social formulae can lead to actions inappropriate to a situation, or else encourage manipulative behaviour, where we say or do things we do not mean, simply to get what we want.

“A whole lot of spiritual people… immensely evolved human beings, they did not have social skills. So, one’s spiritual evolution need not be judged by their behaviour,” he says.

That said, we should not take this as a “licence to behave irresponsibly, saying, ‘I’m spiritual’”, clarifies the mystic.

“Spiritual process means you are not identified with your physical nature. Your identity has moved to a dimension which is not physical.

“Once your identity is not physical, then you have no specific way of doing anything – you will do it whichever way it’s needed … because your identity is not with your physiological and psychological process. Your identity has moved beyond physical dimensions of who you are.

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