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GuruShots photography platform exhibits in Cyprus for first time

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6×6 Centre for Photography is hosting the first-ever GuruShots exhibition in Cyprus at the beginning of July. GuruShots is the world’s greatest photography game that connects, inspires and educates photo enthusiasts around the world. Each day, new challenges appear on the site such as Crazy costumes, Golden ratio and Powerful shots and GuruShots invites people to take photos, join a challenge and show off their talent.

But it is not just about showcasing photography skills as feedback is at the core of GuruShots. Through the game, participants can receive feedback on their photos and the opportunity to exhibit their work in galleries and magazines around the world.

On average, GuruShots receives six billion votes per month, organises 50+ new challenges and offers more than $800,000 in prizes, while it exhibits in cities across the world on a weekly basis. This coming July, two GuruShots exhibitions arrive in Cyprus for the first time and will be running in parallel at the Limassol photography centre 6×6.

The first exhibition is titled Your Favorite Shot and it received 107 million votes, included 113,000 photos from 39 countries – with 1,102 members taking part. Forty images will be exhibited in print and the rest digitally.

The second exhibition, Landscape Photography, includes photos of nature and the outdoors, with 1,020 members’ photos on show. Thirty-six of those images will be exhibited in print and the rest digitally. The photo challenge received 93.4 million votes and included 95,000 photos from 42 countries.


GuruShots Photography Exhibitions

Two parallel international photography exhibitions. July 2-4. 6×6 Photography centre, Limassol. Opening night: 7pm-9pm. Opening Hours: Friday: 7pm-9pm, Weekend: 10am – 6pm. Tel: 25-354810

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