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How walking improves our brain and mental health

This video is meant to expand your general knowledge about living a healthy life and is NOT a substitute for seeking medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before making changes in your health practices, diet and self-care.

In this video, GP Dr. Rangan Chatterjee and neuroscientist Shane O’Mara, a professor of experimental brain research at Trinity College Dublin, discuss how walking can become our superpower.

O’ Mara explains how the many benefits of walking go beyond the physical – it’s important for our mood, our happiness and our wellbeing. In fact, the results of a study showed that walking improved memory and attention and reversed functional aging of the brain; it also demonstrated that if we walk before doing a task, we perform it more creatively.

Even better, the benefits of walking are retained throughout life and it’s never too late to start. As O’ Mara puts it: “you only get old when you stop walking – you don’t stop walking because you’re old”.

View the original video here.

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