Some 2500 drivers were booked for traffic offences over the long weekend, the majority of them for speeding, police said on Tuesday announcing the results of a campaign to avert road collisions.

Police had stepped up foot and vehicle patrols to promote road safety and ease traffic congestion as holidaymakers made the best of the weekend, while additional measures were taken to prevent burglaries and other offences against property.

There was an increased presence of police on the roads, particularly those leading to the beach and to the mountains, while a police helicopter helped coordinate traffic for the Monday return.

Despite best efforts for a casualty-free weekend, a 22-year-old man was killed in a traffic collision in the Nicosia district last Friday, police said. And a 74-year-old woman who was critically injured in a May 22 collision in the Famagusta district succumbed to her injuries at Nicosia General Hospital on Monday.

Police said there were two collisions in which drivers were over the limit (a 34-year-old with 97mg% — ten times the legal limit of 9mg%, who was driving with an expired learners’ licence, no insurance and without the consent of the owner of the vehicle) and a 44-year-old who was caught driving more than four times over the limit (100mg% rather 22mg%).

Two other drivers were arrested for speeding – the first doing 183 km per hour and the second 180 km per hour, both in a 100 km per hour speed limit area.

Police said a number of drivers were caught driving under the influence of drugs. It did not give a figure.

Efforts to prevent crimes against property through increased police patrols led to the arrest of two people for carrying a knife, the arrest of a driver found in possession of a small quantity of cocaine, and the arrest of another person who had offensive weapons in his possession.

A number of people were arrested to facilitate burglary and theft investigations.

Police said they had also carried out checks relating to compliance with coronavirus decrees and to see whether establishments had the necessary permits.

The managers of two establishments were booked for operating without an operating, drinks and loudspeaker permit while another manager in the Famagusta district was booked for use of a loudspeaker without a permit.