The health ministry announced 122 new cases of Covid-19 and no deaths on Tuesday.

There are 47 coronavirus patients in hospital, 19 of whom are in serious condition. Of the 19 patients, nine are intubated, two are in ICU and eight in a high dependency unit.

A total of 37,674 PCR and rapid antigen tests were carried out, with the 122 cases resulting in a positivity rate of 0.32 per cent.

The total number of positives to date is 73,832.

Of the 37,674 tests, 6,289 were PCR and 31,385 rapid tests.

The majority, 81 of the 122 cases came from rapid tests at health ministry testing sites, while 363 more rapid tests performed at private labs and pharmacies yielded no positives.

Seventeen cases came from 2,600 samples taken through private initiative, while 213 samples taken through contacts of already confirmed cases yielded 15 positives.

Six positives came from 368 samples processed by hospital labs, while 579 samples taken through GP referrals yielded no positives.

In addition, 2,445 samples were taken at airports with three positives.

Fourteen cases were detected through rapid tests in Nicosia (0. 12 per cent positivity rate), 23 in Limassol (0.28 per cent), five in Larnaca (0.15 per cent), eight in Paphos (0.21 per cent) and 29 in Famagusta (1.12 per cent).

The total death toll remains remains at 378, of whom 254 were men and 124 women.