The latest developments in Varosha and what line to take against Turkish moves there will be discussed between President Nicos Anastasiades and the municipality of Famagusta next month, its mayor said on Sunday.

In the meeting will ask for a national policy on Varosha, mayor Simos Ioannou said.

How Greek Cypriots will react if the Turkish Cypriots call for residents to return must be decided, he said. “That will be the biggest problem. If not handled properly, many problems will arise”.

He said they will ask the president what foreign officials have said when the matter has been discussed with them.

He said the Turkish side is on the one hand telling Greek Cypriots to return under Turkish Cypriot administration and on the other that the fenced area of Varosha belongs to the religious organisation Evkaf.

But, he added 90 per cent of the building are unhabitable, while there is no infrastructure.

He said the municipality will also discuss the matter with the foreign minister. “The Municipality of Famagusta cannot impose on the UN what they will do. That is what the Government must do”.

On Thursday members of the municipality will meet the American ambassador as part of their efforts to meet officials from the five permanent members of the security council.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is expected in the north on July 20, the anniversary of the Turkish invasion and Ioannou said they expect him to make some comments about Varosha.

For this reason a demonstration will be held at the Dherynia checkpoint on the evening of July 19, where some people plan to stay throughout the night.

“We need to be ready to react to any announcement that Erdogan makes,” Ioannou said.