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SafePass should be mandatory to enter shops and bars

As a kid on school holidays to the Orient and all through my professional life I was required by international laws to have a booklet which showed I was up-to-date with jabs for TAB, yellow fever, smallpox, etc.
Without being up-to-date no one was allowed to board a flight or boat. Very simple.
Is it not time for a law to be introduced, whereby anyone who has not been vaccinated, or cannot demonstrate that they have had the corona virus is not entitled to enter a shop, restaurant, bar, etc. ?
The covid virus is highly contagious and to minimise my chances of catching it, as well as to minimise the chances of me passing it to others, I readily had my two vaccinations when they were on offer.
Yet to date I have been given no more freedom than those who bluntly refuse the jabs, on whatever grounds.
Brian Lait

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