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Tia Does Agrotourism, Season 2, Episode 7: a road-trip to Akamas

If there is any consolation to the hazy intensity of the soaring temperatures, it is that we have every excuse (if not always the free time) to head to our island’s beautiful coast.

Not that any excuse is needed, given Cyprus’ abundance of Mediterranean splendours.

But for that extra bit of magic, where gods and nature seem to conspire, you have to head north-west to the Akamas peninsula, enjoying Paphos’ panoramic sea-paths, communities and beaches along the way.

In fact, that’s the itinerary in the newest ‘Tia Does Agrotourism’ video, which sees host Galatia Savva take a road-trip to Akamas and its adjoining villages, in episode seven of season two.

While participating in the swimming, trekking and safari possibilities locally available, Galatia nonetheless cautions her viewers to leave no waste while there, and to play their part in helping to protect the area.

(Read a more elaborate post by Galatia on responsible tourism here.)

Among season two, episode seven’s highlights:

  • Pomos, Arodhes and Lysos villages
  • Latsi harbour
  • Aphrodite’s baths
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Moutti tis Sotiras
  • Ayii Anargyroi spa and resort

For all the details, read the accompanying blog post, here. View the original video here.

For general information on planning an agrotourism holiday in Cyprus, check out Tia’s written blog here.

All of the videos from Season 1 of the series can be viewed on the Tia Does Travel YouTube channel here.

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