The UN secretary-general’s special representative Elisabeth Spehar said Monday she was shocked by the devastation caused by the weekend fires and offered to assist if necessary.

Speaking after a meeting with President Nicos Anastasiades ahead of briefing the UN Security Council, Spehar said “it was very shocking to see all of the devastation and very sad and on behalf of the UIN I really express my condolences for the loss of life particularly, but also for the loss of property and for the losses in terms of Cyprus’ beautiful forest lands.”

“I understand that things are now much better under control but to recover from this tragedy I know it will be very, very difficult. The UN stands in solidarity with Cyprus and if we can assist in any way we shall do so,” she said.

Spehar said she met the president as a matter of custom ahead of reporting to the UNSC on July 21.

The UN representative said she was departing over the weekend so she can meet with UN officials in Washington and then in New York.

“I will also brief the troop contributing countries that provide the troops and police officers to Unficyp. I was also recently in Moscow to talk with Russian officials, so I have been in touch with the five permanent members of the Security Council and I look forward to some very important and good meetings in New York also with my senior colleagues in the UN secretariat.”