The deadly fires that devoured houses and properties in seven villages in the mountainous areas of Larnaca and Limassol over the weekend have also killed many animals with volunteers rushing to rescue as many as they could.

Groups of animal rights activists rushed to the area and rescued dogs, cats but also two horses, while fundraisers were organised by individuals as well as collection for items necessary for the care of these animals.

Volunteer Kiveli Georgiou said on Sunday that they had rescued around 50 dogs and cats which were temporarily taken in by shelters until their owners are located.

She said they found dogs running scared in the area.

Another volunteer, Fedra Michaelidou, located on Sunday a horse and a pony.

She said on Monday she located the owners of the horses who own a farm.

She said she also located there goats, chickens and cats that are also safe.

“I have arranged for the horses to go somewhere safe,” Michaelidou said in a video she posted on social media. She added that the horses would be taken somewhere safe until the owners figure out what to do.

They will need food for chicken and goats and more cat food.

Georgiou said she received many phone calls by people who wanted to help.

The Pancyprian veterinary association announced that free care would be offered for all animals affected by the blaze. This includes injuries, breathing problems or burns. The association prepared a list with all cooperating veterinary clinics, saying it would cover all expenses.

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