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The orphaned wombat who gained a human mum

Every pet deserves a loving and respectful home: please only consider acquiring a pet if you will be able to take care of its long-term needs. Also, consider choosing your animal companion from a shelter, where there are so many wonderful furry friends who need a forever home.

In this video, we learn the heartwarming story of Brindabella, also known as Brindi – a young wombat who was rescued in Canberra from the side of a road, after a passerby found her ejected from the pouch of her mother, who had been killed by a passing car.

Brindi, weighing over 500 grams and then around four months old, came into the care of ACT Wildlife, and created a strong bond with her human foster mum, Manuela Benson. She also later made fast friends with a second rescue wombat called Ursula, and the two are now inseparable.

The intention is to get the two marsupials healthy and fit for an eventual release back into their natural wild habitat.

View the original video here.

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