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Seven ways to get your product reach wider on Instagram

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Image: Souvik Banerjee

Instagram is one of the best visual advertising platforms for building an unwavering audience to develop your business. With more than 700 million dynamic users, it is home to the most engaged online audience. By utilizing your Instagram profile the correct way, you can contact the right audience and upscale your business. All you need is to make exceptional content and increase engagement on Instagram. The more you engage with your Instagram followers, the more likely they will buy your products. 

Instagram has become that platform that upholds huge brands as well as some locally established companies. It has given them a platform to exhibit their ability and earn money through it. With features like reels, IGTV, guides, there is a lot that one can discover to build a market on Instagram. Instagram has a simple to peruse interface that overcomes any barrier between users, brands, and followers. With access to dynamic followers, it is a potential market, that brands need to take advantage of.

Hence, below we have listed 7 ways that you can use to get your product reach wider on Instagram. 

Post creative content 

Instagram is all about posting remarkable and excellent content. Your Instagram followers will get drawn to posts that command notice and give significant data. Your post ought to persuade your Instagram followers to make a move, for example, make the user go from your site to your social media pages, which will automatically result in increased engagement on Instagram.

If you do not know what kind of content your audience likes, you can look at your competitor’s account to analyse what gets the most engagement. You can likewise utilize social media tools to make excellent content. Focus on the quality of your posts rather than the number of posts. 

Switch to business profile 

Make sure that you have an Instagram Business Account since there are some sensible advantages of having a business profile. For instance, your followers can tap on your contact button to reach out to you directly from your Instagram page very much like they would from your site. 

A business profile permits you to make and post Instagram advertisements without utilizing Facebook’s marketing tools. You can likewise access the Instagram analytics tool, called Insights, which gives details about the impressions and reach of your posts which will help you increase engagement on Instagram. Once you have switched to a business profile; you need to begin utilizing its tools to follow and understand your Instagram followers.

 Use Instagram Tools 

Instagram has a few tools that can assist you with Instagram growth services and promoting your brand which will increase your engagement on Instagram. Stories, reels, IGTVs, or any video content are seriously captivating content in contrast with pictures. Use them for your potential benefit by allowing your Instagram followers to see your product in action. 

Stories, for instance, are on your profile only for 24 hours, so you can truly increase the value of it by making quality content, utilizing pictures or surveys, or even do an ‘ask me anything’ session once every month. 

This truly improves engagement and trust among your Instagram followers as the vast majority like to see a face behind the brand or somebody they can converse with. With regards to reels, brands have found a fun and effective way to introduce their product. By utilizing the right hashtags, you can help your video contact a more extensive audience. 

Interact with Audience 

When somebody sets aside the effort to leave a comment on one of your posts, take two seconds to answer and express gratitude towards them. That basic engagement can make someone your loyal client as much as a promoter of your brand. 

Additionally, consolidate ways to get your Instagram followers to engage with your posts. A basic call to action can immediately place your brand before a larger audience just and invite increased engagement on your Instagram. 

Use the right Hashtags 

Hashtags are the main part of Instagram marketing because hashtags make it simple for users to discover your posts on Instagram. Ensure you use hashtags that are trending on Instagram, yet pertinent to your brand. With the right hashtag, you can extend your product reach and increase engagement on Instagram. 

You can take the help of social media management tools that offer features to track down the right hashtag for your niche. You can likewise make an extraordinary hashtag for your brand and cross-promote it. 

Collaborate with Influencers 

The quickest method to increase engagement on Instagram is through influencers who have a huge following or you can also try Instagram growth services. An ever-increasing number of individuals are purchasing services or products depending on what they find in their feed from the influencers they follow. Your Instagram followers trust them. 

Make sure to recognize a couple of influencers that have followers pertinent to your product or service. If you fabricate a relationship with each influencer, you will attain enduring brand acknowledgment from a new audience. 

Be unique 

The Unique Selling Proposition (USPs) of your brand can make you stand apart from other brands. Simply having a presence on Instagram is not a big deal, if your content is repetitive. Get imaginative and ensure that your content is new and important. 

Since Instagram is a mobile-friendly app, the shopping experience of your client is better. Use Instagram Insights to understand your followers better. Building a connection with your Instagram followers is fundamental, particularly in case you are a smaller business. Ensure that your posts are scheduled and you have something unique and fresh to offer to your Instagram followers. 


To expand your product reach on Instagram, you should follow the above-mentioned ways which will also increase engagement on Instagram. Make appealing and pertinent content, utilize the right hashtags, and connect with your audience. 

You can likewise utilize Instagram advertising to support your profile and raise brand mindfulness. These ways will help you acquire Instagram followers who will be keen on your brand.

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