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‘Entanglements’ spring from a mind not aligned with creation – Sadhguru (Cyprus)

Asked how to disentangle oneself from the ‘knots’ of life, yogi and mystic Sadhguru responds that the entanglements themselves are illusory.

After all, how can there be entanglements when the the thread of life is fixed on both ends, he challenges. On the one end there is birth, on the other, death – and neither can be changed. Why make such a drama out of the fleeting days in between?

“Life is not knotted,” he says. “It is just that because of such a terrible sense of insecurity within you, a terrible volume of calculation has risen in your mind.

“Because of these calculations, [life] looks all knotted up.”

The reason we experience aspects of life as drama-filled, harsh, unjust, confusing, overwhelming, and so forth, is because our minds are not aligned with creation, he says.

Put a different way, we ignore the creator’s creation, and substitute it with one of our own making – and in so doing place ourselves under unbearable strain and pressure.

Yet such self-inflicted misery is entirely unnecessary, the Isha Foundation head continues. For creation as it is, and not as we try to make it, is far more beautiful and superior than anything our own efforts could come up with.

The more we relax into and surrender to life’s perfect unfolding, the more ease and less suffering we will experience, and the greater the intensity with which we will be able to operate in the world, he adds.

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