EU Health and Food Safety Commissioner European Commission’s Stella Kyriakides will pay a visit to Cyprus on Monday as part of ongoing efforts to support national vaccination campaigns to tackle Covid-19

Kyriakides is scheduled to meet House president Annita Demetriou on Monday.

On Thursday, she will meet Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas to discuss the handling of the pandemic, the future course of the EU vaccines strategy, challenges in Cyprus with regards to vaccinations, as well as Commission proposals for a robust European Health Union.

The Commissioner will also visit the coronavirus reference hospital in the Famagusta district.

Ahead of her visit to Cyprus, Kyriakides said that the EU kept its commitment and has delivered enough doses, more than 500 million, to vaccinate 70 per cent of the EU’s adult population. It is clear that the European Strategy for vaccines is starting to bear fruit, for all member states, at the same time and on the same terms, she added.

The Commissioner pledged, moreover, to cooperate closely with member states, to make sure that they will attain their goals. She also stressed the importance for a scientific approach to tackling the pandemic, as opposed to misinformation from the internet, or conspiracy theories.

“We need to continue with inoculations, and we must, at the same time, observe the measures in place, because there is a worrying rise in the Delta mutation in Cyprus,” the Commissioner concluded.