Sea sports and water activities are widely available on the island. Daredevils and adventure junkies might now like to get involved in another sporting event coming up this week in Ayia Napa. You know of rock climbing and sea diving that is certain, and deep water soloing is a kind of combination of the two topped with lots of adrenaline.

“Deep water soloing,” explains Active Zone Outdoors, “is a simple form of rock climbing wearing only climbing shoes on a rock face above deep water. Climbers can either ascend or descend on their own, without the help of another person belaying.”

To my non-climbing self that sounds intimidating yet I am sure it’s quite the thrill for confident climbers and those up to trying new sports. Perhaps the most rewarding and satisfying part of the journey is that as soon as you get to the top of the rock you have the choice either to jump into the deep blue or slide on a zipline above the sea and then jump. How much fun is that?

But that’s not all that’s going on on Saturday at Agioi Anargyroi caves. In case the climbing, diving and ziplining adventures of the day weren’t enough, there will also be another challenge where participants will have to balance on a slackline between two rock faces above the sea. Of course, the event will not be unsupervised as the activities can be quite risky. UIAA certified climbing instructor George Andreou will be there to guide participants.

The day will start early at 10am and will last until about 2pm. The challenge is open to climbers and non-climbers, organisers say. No experience is needed yet good swimming skills are necessary. Climbing shoes will be provided by the organisers and for applying, hit the ‘Going’ button on the Facebook event and they will contact you to arrange the details of your deep water solo experience. Are you up for the challenge?

Deep Water Solo Experience

A climbing, diving and ziplining challenge under the supervision of climbing instructor George Andreou. August 7. Agioi Anargyroi Cape Greko, Ayia Napa. 10am-2pm. Tel: 99-819087