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Cyprus-based Vioiatriki Laboratories are offering a cellular immunity test for Covid-19, according to a statement.

“Cellular immunity begins almost simultaneously with the production of antibodies to the virus after disease or vaccination and results from the activation of a special group of immune cells, the T-lymphocytes, which, as they remain in the blood for years after possible infection by Covid-19, play an important role in the “long-term memory of the organism” and in its defence against future re-infections,” the company said.

“More and more studies are claiming that while antibodies in many cases are not produced, or may be delayed, cellular defences have already been activated to such an extent as to provide a degree of protection that varies from person to person,” the company added, explaining that the cellular immunity test is mainly recommended as an adjunct test to people who, while ill or vaccinated, did not produce a high number of antibodies so that they have a complete picture of their defence against COVID-19 infection.

Limassol port resumed operations after the signing of a collective agreement was signed between workers and the port’s management company DP World, ending a strike that started at midday on Tuesday, August 3rd.

Worker unions have also expressed their satisfaction at the signing of the agreement.

“I can say that both sides showed maturity in the negotiation process, both the management company, as well as ourselves since we both made concessions to end the strike,” union representative Giannis Tsouris stated.

Royal Caribbean Cruises and IKEA Cyprus have joined the list of companies that are offering incentives to people who choose to get vaccinated.

The cruise line company are offering twenty double cabins for a 7-day cruise in the Greek islands, while IKEA are offering a hundred €50 cash vouchers that can be used either in-store or on the company’s online shop.

Other companies that have already been offering vaccination incentives include Cyprus Airways, TUS Airways, the Cyprus Theater Organization (Thoc), ΖΑRA, and the Crowne Plaza hotel in Limassol.

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