Police on Tuesday said they have so far handled 36 cases of sexual harassment, with 22 already filed in court.

Police spokesperson Eleni Constantinou said the number of cases investigated, or currently under investigation, by the special unit on sexual harassment has reached 36.

In addition to the 22 already filed in court, nine more are still under investigation.

“We continue to collect evidence and statements so that they are completed as soon as possible,” she said.

Constantinou added that three other cases were being studied by the Legal Service, which has also decided not to press charges in two others.

The spokesperson assured the cases were being handled with confidentiality and she urged people with information to report it to police using as much detail as possible.

“We would like to once again urge anyone who has information not to stay silent, but to talk to police,” she said.

Authorities received a number of complaints earlier this year after Greek athlete Sophia Bekatorou spoke out publicly about her rape by a senior member of the Hellenic sailing federation back in 1998.

Bekatorou paved the way for people who were sexually abused to break their silence, with a domino effect of harassment reports in Greece and in Cyprus.