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“Creating automations, and trying to understand how to do things better without reinventing the wheel are values that guide everything we do. Sometimes our clients are super excited and eager to start building the next big thing, even though that route could be achieved with existing functionalities. We are trying to balance the desire of building things from scratch with the functionality and the ability to use existing tools.

The user journey is our target. The user is always our hero. We create the connection between brand and user, and then build the software – that is the basis of our approach. Our strategy is all about having a deep and fundamental understanding of who the end user is and how we can build a strong and emotional connection.

“The end user is the real owner of a business’s brand, therefore the more data and knowledge we have, the higher the chance of success. For us a successful business is a combination of brand, strategy, technology, and people, with a particular focus on understanding and empowering the end user, whether it is for a brand or a digital product.”


“The company provides IT services that allow customers to focus on their business and not on IT problems or the IT strategy of their organisation. Using IBS’s services and expertise, our clients can work more efficiently and cost-effectively.  IBS helps them minimise their costs by making sure that they utilise all of their IT resources, to their full capabilities. This is achieved, while companies work safely from several locations, by implementing multiple levels of security.”

Bank of Cyprus

Innovation is the driving force of progress: Using the means available and applying unconventional thinking to come up with solutions that would improve standards of living. It can be seen in the way we can review an older problem and see its solution through utilising newer concepts. The evolution of payments for instance, is an example of innovation. Starting from the initial concept of money as an innovative idea for addressing the need of transactions between individuals and improving it into today’s contactless payments.

EFG Bank

“Our clients benefit hugely from the institutional quality investment advice provided by our sister company, EFG Asset Management (EFGAM), whose unique approach to identifying investment opportunity is particularly innovative. Having created their own Future Leaders Panel, EFGAM specialises in finding companies which are ahead of the pack in terms of innovation and increasing their market share, with a view to identifying tomorrow’s Apples and Amazons.

The panel is formed of industry and academic experts in areas characterised by strong leadership and currently consists of five experts covering innovation, corporate strategy, behavioural psychology, artificial intelligence and ESG. The panellists represent an additional layer in EFGAM’s decision-making due diligence, reviewing and sometimes questioning the different stages of the investment process. Not every question or point they highlight will be applicable for each of the companies being reviewed, but we believe the process of expanding the mind and having different perspectives at our disposal will increase the chances of finding attractive investment opportunities and delivering better results.”


Bringing ability and time-to-market to the blockchain and smart contract protocol. NBNX essentially removes all middle-men, source fees, administration fees, and the need to process bank loan applications etc. There is also no need for Lawyers from the point of investment as everything is on the blockchain and recording in real-time, forever. Our strategy of building a totally new ecosystem built on a trustless and seamless environment fits directly in to NBNX and the NBNX token.


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