As Action Global Communications moves forward with internal restructuring, Dimitris Ioannides has been appointed to lead a new comprehensive anthropocentric strategy focusing on innovation and development. As Group Innovation and Growth Leader, Dimitris Ioannides will become a reference point for the entire group, devising innovative practices and policies which move beyond the norm, prioritising the development and expansion of services offered.

“We are very proud of Dimitris’ progress as a member of the Action Global Communications family over the past 15 years. Throughout his journey within the organisation, he has proved his leadership skills, innovative thinking, and strategic approach, which have led to the growth of the company’s clientele and the expert management of human resources. As Group Innovation and Growth Leader, Dimitris will focus on our strategic development, offering guidance to offices around the Action network in Eastern Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), while also investing in innovative solutions that will be offered to our clients,” said Chris Christodoulou, CEO of the Action Global Communications group.

Dimitris Ioannides has worked at Action Global Communications for the past 15 years, and until recently, was General Manager of the group’s operations in Cyprus and Greece. He also supervised the operations of the group’s specialised Action Digital division.