Two police officers have been suspended after a 24-year-old suspect managed to escape while in custody at the Yermasoyia police station in Limassol.

Police said the chief ordered the suspension of a sergeant and an officer pending investigation of Thursday’s incident.

The suspect escaped while in a room that only opens from the outside. He was there awaiting transfer to the district HQ.

The escapee had been arrested with a 35-year-old on Wednesday on suspicion of possession of counterfeit euro notes and small quantities of drugs.

The pair were detained after a car chase. They had been remanded in custody for six days.

The escape followed that of a 43-year-old attempted murder suspect on Saturday evening.

He managed to escape after feigning illness and transferred to hospital.

The man was captured on Tuesday in Limassol after he was seen driving a taxi reported stolen in Larnaca.