When Reflect Festival first started in 2018, it was a spontaneous idea that resulted in a small conference full of passionate, curious minds and new business ideas. Fast forward to today, and it is one of the most impactful, future-focused and tech events in Cyprus. Redesigned for the post-pandemic world, Reflect Festival returns this October 14, 15 and 16 to Limassol and it promises to live and breathe the topics that shape the future through discussions, activities, and lectures. After last year’s hybrid event, the 2021 edition will be held entirely in person.

Reflect Festival is around the corner – quite literally so for Limassolians. This year, the festival will take over the streets of the Old Town to spread awareness about future literacy, constructive problem-solving, and topics that shape the future of humanity. “The past weeks have shown us how much eagerness for togetherness and creativity our participants have. This October, we can finally reunite our doers,” says Reflect’s co-founder Stylianos Lambrou.

The festival programme will run on three stages: Old Port stage, Warehouse stage in Trakasol, and Beach stage at Marina beach. Between October 14 and 16, more than 70 local and international speakers will share their stories on topics including technology, entrepreneurship, sustainability, entertainment, health, fintech and impact. The full line-up is available on the festival’s website.

An expo is also on the agenda where Reflect’s partners will prepare interactive activities for the audience, and hand-picked startups will showcase their innovative solutions. “On top of that, we are preparing multiple networking events around Limassol. We think it’s more important than ever to allow people to reconnect, foster both serendipitous encounters and strategic business meetings, as well as encourage valuable discussions after such a long wait,” Lambrou says.

One of the speaker highlights this year is the remote appearance of Bryan Johnson, Founder and CEO of Kernel. Johnson’s company is building two next-generation, non-invasive brain-machine interfaces. Essentially, the groundbreaking technology can measure brain activity in real-time using a wearable helmet, elevating our understanding of how the brain functions. This can revolutionise the way we approach multiple issues, including mental health. “In our opinion, Bryan Johnson is one of the most important thinkers of our age. His thoughts on future literacy have resonated with the Reflect team for years and are an integral part of the festival’s mission,” says fellow festival co-founder Dusan Duffek.

The Reflect team travelled to Kernel’s headquarters in Los Angeles to conduct an interview with Johnson, discussing the newest chapter of the company, among other topics. “The audience will learn first-hand what brain-computer interfaces are capable of and how our lives could be forever changed,” explains Reflect’s Head of Program Kristina Priecelova.

To celebrate the future, highlight tech advancements, and bring forward the best of innovation, Reflect Festival aims once again to be a business, networking, and educational hub, welcoming those who value curiosity, think beyond today and turn ideas into actions with lasting impact.

Reflect Festival

Technology, entrepreneurship and networking festival with local and international speakers. October 14-16. Multiple locations around old Limassol. Tickets via www.reflectfest.com. [email protected]