People of all ages who wish to be vaccinated against Covid or receive their booster shot, will be able to do so on Sunday at a large walk-in centre operating at Lanition sports facility in Limassol.

The centre will be open between 8am and 3pm, administering Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccines.

People over 12 who have not yet received any vaccine can get their first jab at the centre, along with those who are up for their second jab – three weeks after the first.

Booster shots will be administered to people 65 and above, provided six months have passed from their second dose and health professionals and workers at care homes irrespective of age.

Care home workers must present an employer note confirming they work for them.

Also eligible for booster shots are people with suppressed immune systems, provided four weeks have elapsed from the second jab.

The category includes people receiving treatment for tumours or blood cancers, those with organ or bone marrow transplants, people with hereditary immune deficiency, HIV or AIDS carriers, and individuals in immunosuppressive therapy.

As regards cortisone intake, booster shots can be administered to individuals who take over 10mg of prednisone per day (8mg of methylprednisolone) for one month during the past six months.

Those visiting the centre must present ids or passports or other identification, as well as their vaccination card if they will be receiving second or third doses.