The deputy ministry for tourism on Thursday presented the updated website for the ‘Taste Cyprus’ quality label, a certification geared to promote and explore Cypriot gastronomy as part of the island’s cultural heritage.

According to the ministry, this certification aims to showcase Cypriot wine and gastronomy and local products and businesses to form a new culinary awareness and turn Cyprus into a destination for gastronomic experiences.

Participating businesses can benefit from a reliable and competitive promotion tool, differentiate their products and services, and acquire higher market status while also receiving consulting services from the deputy ministry on how to improve their quality.

They will also benefit from promotion on the part of the deputy ministry, both on a national and international level, online and via actions planned to promote Cypriot gastronomy.

Eligible for the ‘Taste Cyprus – Delightful Journeys’ certification are companies operating within the Republic of Cyprus that wish to become ambassadors of the Cypriot gastronomic identity.

These include restaurants, taverns, and hotel dining areas, as well as agrotourism accommodation.

Another category is small production units for local products such as cheese and dairy, cold cuts, beverages and extracts, olive oil, and baked goods.

Retailers selling traditional food items can also participate.

Over 80 businesses bear the quality label at the moment, and the deputy minister invited anyone interested to sign up for free by following this link:

Lastly, the ministry said it will be giving restaurants ‘Cyprus Breakfast’ and ‘Vegan Friendly’ labels as part of its efforts to promote Cyprus as a food destination.