Police issued a warning about driving under the influence of substances following two separate incidents of drink driving and driving under the influence of drugs in the last 24 hours.

The first case concerned a 31-year-old man who was caught driving after allegedly using cannabis at 7.30pm on Wednesday on Adamantios Korai street in Paphos.

The driver tested positive to a preliminary narcotest, while police said an additional sample was taken from the man to be examined at the state general laboratory.

Meanwhile, Larnaca traffic police caught a 32-year-old woman drink driving around 2.20am on Thursday on Makarios avenue.

The 32-year-old underwent an alcohol test with the final reading of 106μg. The maximum legal limit is set at 22μg.

The woman appeared in court later on Thursday and had her driving licence suspended for three months. She also received a €1,200 fine that she must pay within four months and five penalty points.

“Substances such as drugs and alcohol have been shown to reduce the mental and psychological effort exerted while driving and to reduce a driver’s performance and skills, thereby increasing the risk of causing a collision,” police said.

The announcement added that police are carrying daily checks and organise information campaigns to tackle this phenomenon and prevent serious and fatal traffic collisions.