The Cyprus radio television authority (CRTA) said on Tuesday said that it has issued fines of €91,000 in fines to various local media for 30 cases of violations of regulations governing the broadcasting sector.

In an announcement, the authority said it issued 44 decisions related to 156 violations of the relevant legislation between 2018 and 2020.

Of the 44 cases, two of them were imposed sanctions, 12 of them received a warning and for 30 cases the total amount of €91,425 in fines was imposed, including one case which received a fine and a sanction.

The offences included violation of human rights and respect of privacy, objectivity, product placement, covert advertising, the use of inappropriate language, and violations related to the television rating system for the evaluation of content among others.

Most violations, 34, concerned advertising children’s toys during a time that is prohibited based on the legislation.

The recent decisions included violations from May, 2019 when a specific channel broadcast a reportage violating the personal life of relatives and friends of then suspected serial killer Nikos Metaxas. The channel received a warning.

Established in 1998, the Cyprus radio television authority is the competent regulatory body for the establishment, installation and operation of private radio and television stations in the Republic of Cyprus.