Police arrested four people in connection to two separate cases of car arson in Paphos earlier this week.

The arrests came during investigations after a car, which was parked outside the house of its owner late on Wednesday, was set on fire.

Police examinations revealed the fire was set maliciously. The car suffered extensive damage.

As part of investigations into a second car arson in Inia, a 66-year-old man was arrested.

The man, who lives in the same village as the complainant, denied involvement in the case but admitted he has personal differences with the owner of the car and that they had recently argued.

Police said the car was set on fire around 1am on Thursday.

Meanwhile, investigations continue related to another car arson in Arodes community that occurred on Wednesday night.

Police had said the vehicle that was torched in Arodes was stolen from Chlorakas area, while the two arsons in Arodes and Inia initially appeared connected.