Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar on Monday gave the newly elected leader of ruling National Unity Party (UBP) Faiz Sucuoglu the mandate to form a new ‘government’ within 15 days.

Sucuoglu, who was running in a three-man race, won the party elections on Sunday.

On Monday he met Tatar who gave him the mandate of forming a new ‘government’, a task deemed very difficult by many.

It is most likely that Sucuoglu will head an interim ‘government’ until early elections are held by the end of the year.

Erhan Arikli, head of the Rebirth Party (YDP), one of the three partners in the coalition ‘government’ has already informed Sucuoglu they would not be joining UBP in a new ‘government’. Arikli said they will continue however to support a UBP ‘government’ without taking part in it.

Sucuoglu won the party elections amid allegations he was involved in the release last month of a compromising video of ‘prime minister’ Ersan Saner.

He had been forced to withdraw from the UBP election race a year ago, despite being the leading contender, reportedly due to interference by Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Saner, who withdrew from the UBP election race last week, has taken leave of absence from his duties as ‘prime minister’ to focus on a legal battle against Sucuoglu, whom he believes was behind the release of the video.