Taking place over November 10-12 at the Cyprus International Fair in Nicosia, the Eastern Mediterranean Energy Conference and Exhibition (EMC) will focus on a wide range of crucial issues related to the environment, energy, international trade and issues concerning the Eastern Mediterranean region.

“Cyprus has been hailed this year as the ‘new Energy Hub, bringing Natural Gas to Europe’ and the event is expected to shape the future of our industry,” the conference’s organisers have said.

According to reports, natural gas demand will continue to rise on a global level by nearly 15 per cent by the year 2030.

This is attributed to the process of replacing coal and oil and natural gas’ role in complementing renewable sources of energy as the world transitions towards a more sustainable and cleaner energy mix.

“Cyprus connects Israel, Lebanon, Egypt and Greece’s national projects and will become the hub as they develop,” EMC organisers explained.

“This event is where the significant industry powerhouses will be coming together to discuss and debate how to utilise these new developments,” they added.

The Eastern Mediterranean Energy Conference will feature 70 exhibitors, over 25 technical sessions, five strategic sessions for over 90 speakers and 300 delegates, with everything spread out across a busy three day period.

Regarding the topics the event will cover, these include the gas value chain, sustainability, the future of the gas industry, regional challenges and opportunities, supply chains and maritime issues, as well as health, safety and environment topics such as waste management and accident prevention.

Alongside the various industry representatives and key stakeholders supporting EMC, the event will be joined by six ministerial figures from the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The ministers will be participating in key panel discussions, debates, and answering audience questions.

The full details of the event can be found here: https://www.emc-cyprus.com