Schoolchildren from several communities abstained from class on Friday morning to protest the government’s decision to move asphalt plants from the Dali industrial area to an area near Mitsero.

Pupils from 15 nursery schools, primary schools and gymnasiums in Mitsero, Agrokipia, Meniko, Arediou, Klirou, Kalo Chorio Orinis, Ayios Ioannis and Ayios Epiphanios abstained from the first period of lessons, between 7.45 to 8.25 to protest the recent decision.


Protests were held across the communities with the support of parents’ associations, community leaders and residents, who joined the children and held placards with slogans like “Do not pour asphalt over our children’s wellbeing” and “Asphalt plant = death sentence”.

mitsero protest

The decision to relocate the plants came after multiple complaints from Dali residents concerning air pollution as the plants are built near a residential area and the community’s primary and nursery school.

The issue was raised late last month in the House environment committee where MPs expressed disappointment over constant delays and raised concerns about their impact on locals’ quality of life.

Last February, residents of Larnaca also held a protest against the relocation of the plants to the area of Koshi, near the Vasiliko energy centre.

The deadline for the relocation of the plants was set in February, pending the completion of an environmental impact assessment.