Limassol traffic police reported 439 traffic violations in 12 hours as part of efforts to prevent serious road collisions.

The operation started at 6am and finished at 6pm on Tuesday in collaboration with the British bases police as well as the department of road transport and labour inspection.

It aimed to focus on violations that have been proven to be among the main causes of serious and fatal traffic accidents, such as speeding, failure to wear a seat belt and helmet and the use of mobile phone while driving, police said in a statement.

Authorities also carried out checks on the mechanical condition of vehicles, including professional drivers.

A large proportion of the fines, 92, concerned speeding, 54 concerned failure to wear a seat belt and 14 fines were issued for mobile phone use while driving.

Four people were booked for driving without insurance and two others for driving without a driving licence, police said.

A total of 21 drivers were booked without road tax and two for driving cars which were registered as having been immobilised.

In addition, 126 truck and bus drivers were booked in connection with violations regarding the use of tachographs.

No details were provided for the rest of traffic offences.

Meanwhile, Paphos traffic police also issued 36 fines for various traffic violations, including 15 for speeding, five people for not wearing a seatbelt or helmet and four drivers for driving while holding and using other items such a mobile phone.

The 12 remaining fines issued on Tuesday concerned smaller traffic violations while police also confiscated a vehicle.