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Increased competition in productivity apps: Latest News


Productivity apps have replaced the need to use separate apps in professional environments. They allow you, their user, to get multiple tasks done through the functions and features they offer. However, because different companies require different things, you may prefer one product over another.

Defining productivity goals

Increased productivity is equal to more efficient time management and more money. Whether your goals include better project management, improved workflows, automatic task assigning, valuable data insights, archived messages, or better email inbox management, an ever-growing market of productivity apps offers some strong performers.

Feature Improvements

Centralizing all the workflow processes of teams in one place, whether they are working in the office or remotely means better collaboration. There are hundreds of productivity tools on the market, making it a competitive space right now. ClickUp and its competitors like Asana,, Hive, Jira, and Trello, etc., continue to innovate, constantly adding exciting features and improvements.

The Digital Project Manager provides insight into which new features make or break some of the most successful productivity software applications. Everyone striving to manage their work effectively on a restricted budget can benefit from the team’s advice and training.

Best Agile Project Management Tools:

ClickUp’s popularity

In The Digital Project Manager’s independent review on ClickUp, they find that ClickUp has created a platform that offers companies of all sizes the ability to work in one centralized place. This includes all tasks, chats, documents, and project management.

Most importantly, ClickUp also considers customization needs, and the team works hard at adding at least one new feature or improvement weekly. This is seen in its recent fixes in speed and performance optimization. Keeping with their promise to help keep businesses organized, ClickUp continues to be feature-rich and affordable (teams on the free plan and those on low budgets have access to far more features than those offered with other plans).

There is a sharp learning curve, especially when it comes to customization, but ClickUp is already used by 200,000 teams – proving that its features make it a winner.

Trello’s strong features

Introducing excellent features is something Trello has also become very good at. The productivity app is very popular for its displays, Kanban boards, and built-in automation using natural language commands. Trello has also added some strong features, including financial management and live chats. There is a business and enterprise plan available, but smaller teams and individuals also have the option of a free plan.

Asana’s easy workflow organization

Despite Asana having a similar design with ClickUp, this project management app has a very small learning curve for newcomers. There are more than 50 templates to help you manage your workflows, and you can visually track projects and your team’s activities from the real-time charts. Small teams and individuals with smaller project demands can use the plan for free. is feature-rich

One of the greatest features of, when compared to other productivity tools, is its data visualization options and super-fast customer support. However, this powerful all-rounder software offers so much more. On this one single page, you can do far more than just manage tasks and projects. You can manage HR processes, CRM features, construction projects, designs, marketing, software, analytics and advanced reporting, and development.

Work can easily be visualized in several ways, including a calendar, Kanban, map, or timeline. You can switch views with just one click, and there are more than 30 customizable column types and hundreds of templates. offers a free trial without a credit card, but thereafter, it offers 4 plans that start from $8 per person, per month.

Hive and project management

Syncing Hive on desktop and its web applications ensures that teams on the go can work from the mobile app too. All projects are easy to prioritize because they show in the person’s to-do list until completed, allowing for easier prioritization. Hive is free to download, but thereafter, packages start from $12 per user.

Jira’s agile management

Another competitor to ClickUp has worked at developing feature-rich, agile management for setting up, assigning, prioritizing, and tracking tasks. This can be done using Kanban boards or Gantt charts. This is a cost-effective tool for project teams because it’s free for up to ten users. Starting from $7 a user, their paid plans are cost-effective for large teams of 500 or more members.

Final word

Whatever features are most important to you, there is a suitable productivity app to improve your team’s success. Evaluate the different solutions each offers, knowing that these apps aim to continue improving their capabilities to service your organization. 


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