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Big Potato being spruced up for Christmas

big potato vandalised
Xylophagou's Big Potato after it was vandalised

The graffiti on the vandalised Big Potato in Xylophagou will be removed by the end of the week so that it can be illuminated and decorated for Christmas, community leader Georgios Tasou told the Cyprus Mail on Friday.

About a month after the Big Potato was erected at the entrance of Xylophagou and became a social media sensation, someone sprayed a football slogan on the bottom part of the approximate four-metre-tall monument reading ‘Anola Μ94 F.G.’

“We found a special solution used to remove spray paint and we started the cleaning process today,” Tasou said.

“By the end of the day today or early on Saturday we will finish the works,” he added.

Initially, the community leader had communicated with the creator of what became a “reference point” for the area, Marios Petrou, to clean it up.

Petrou, who was paid €8,000 for the project, said he was busy with other works since he also creates Christmas decorations that are delivered across the island, the community leader said.

“So, we decided to fix it ourselves,” Tasou said while revealing the community’s plans for the potato in Christmas.

The decoration process, which is expected to start next week will include the placement of a large metal star on top of the Big Potato with vertical fairy lights attached, he said.

Meanwhile, the vandalism, estimating to have taken place between 11pm on Saturday and 1am on Sunday, was reported to the police of the British bases last week. The community leader also offered €500 to anyone who can provide information about the incident.

The Big Potato is a replica of the ‘spunta’ spud variety and went viral with instagrammers visiting the area to take photos.



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