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Free meditation session to help overcome life’s challenges

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It has been quite the year, or two. With so many changes to life as we knew it it has been a challenge to stay on top of things, stay healthy and well, sane. Everyone has a different way to cope with difficult situations: cookiing, working out, playing music or journaling yet one of the most effective practices to deal with life’s hardships is meditation.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a yogi or spiritually inclined to meditate. You just need to dedicate some time to it, and yourself. That’s easier said than done though. If you are not used to simply sitting with yourself, focusing on your breath and visualising, meditation can be tricky at first. This is why guided meditation is an excellent tool. FISU Meditation Centre Nicosia is organising a free meditation session this Saturday titled ‘How Meditation can help you overcome life’s challenges and depression after the Pandemic – and get your life back on track’.

“Meditation is not only about profound relaxation but about increasing inner strength,” says FISU. “The pandemic has been a difficult time for all of us. However, many people, because of lockdowns, have been forced to live in their heads. This has created overthinking and more significant mental health challenges. When you overthink, it uses much energy that makes us quickly physically tired and feeling diminished. Furthermore, our inner strength wanes and everything seems like a chore rather than a pleasure.”

The two-hour meditation session on Saturday morning will start at 11am and will include meditation technique tips on how to keep the mind calm to find profound relaxation. “This relaxation is the start of your inner journey to learn to be more objective to life events,” they add, “find profound calmness in any situation, and be more self-aware, which will bring greater self-esteem and confidence.”


How Meditation Can Help You Overcome Life Challenges and Depression after the Pandemic – and Get Your Life Back on Track

Meditation session with FISU Meditation Centre Nicosia. November 27. FISU Meditation Centre Nicosia. 11am-1pm. Free. Tel: 99-463344.

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